Tecnomeccanica Srl has been producing bushings and steel pins for third parties for the past 50 years. Our customers are some of the world’s major producers and largest manufacturers in construction (especially in earth-moving machinery) and logistic equipment (mechanical handling equipment) around the world.

Tecnomeccanica Srl makes components exclusively according to its customers’ specifications. Thanks to high flexibility, proven skills and strong experience, Tecnomeccanica can satisfy all of its customers’ needs in terms of quality, delivery time and number of lots.

Tecnomeccanica Srl has a 3000 square metre plant with modern and extensive equipment which allows it to complete all precision machining production processes as well as some heat treatments.

During the years, Tecnomeccanica Srl has been able to carry on successfully due to its ability to maintain high technological skills, know-how and expertise, investing not only in modern machinery and equipment but also in the continuous research of best practices in production processing, using faster and more reliable processes. All of this was made possible by continuous economic investment and by the great importance Tecnomeccanica Srl has always placed on human resources, one of the company’s major strengths.

Tecnomeccanica Srl can meet the urgent demands of its clients thanks to a considerable stock (approximately 500 tons) of steel pipes and bars. This allows Tecnomeccanica Srl to produce bushes and pins within 48 hours.

For additional information you may complete a request form on the "Contacts" page or you may telephone us directly. We will be pleased to answer any of your questions and are confident that we can satisfy all of your requirements.